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Work From Home

Working from Home - Risk, Benefit

Even many people started working from home. The benefits of working from home are incredible that we all started to love to do work from home. 


Benefits of Working from Home


1-      Balance-Life 

While working from home, many people get a flexible schedule that means they can start and end their day anytime. 


2-      Commute Stress

Many people have to go so far whenever they go to work, but working from home saves their hours each while traveling. Auto Insurance Center declares that many commuters waste their 100 hours in commuting with 41 hours of stuck in traffic.


Psychological Effects of Working From Home


But hours of traveling can make you ill and increase your stress and anxiety. Some the following health issues are as follows:

•        Risk of high Cholesterol level

•        Increase depression

•        Higher chances of sugar

So working from home allows you to improve your health and focus more on yourself, like getting extra sleep and spending more time with your family.


Impact of Working from Home 


Stable Home

A stable home environment, for instance, is a key to having a unified work-from-home experience. Be sure to discuss with family or roommates what this will entail. You can, for example, set up a "Do Not Disturb" sign so anyone passing by understands that you're in an important meeting or engaged in work that requires sharp focus.



It is one area where you cannot afford to skimp on. Get the best computer, webcam, noise-canceling microphone or headset, high-speed and reliable internet, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), necessary software for screen capturing and recording, and proper lighting.


Reporting System

Having a solid reporting system is paramount. Time and effort for project tasks must all be tracked. Good project planning and tracking give the worker and the employer a clear understanding of what work has been done and what needs to be done. Not having this in place has the potential to sour the WFH experience.