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3 Things You Need To Know About DUIs In Fort Myers

People wind up facing DUI charges when they are drunk while driving as it’s against the law. You should know a few things if this happened to you. 

Rights You Have

You have the right to be presumed to be innocent until you are proven guilty regardless of the charges against you. 

Even you’ve rights before and after a traffic stop. You can challenge the charges if you are stopped without probable cause, searched without your consent or a warrant, or failed to read your Miranda rights.

All DUIs Are Not the Same 

Factors affecting the type and severity of charges you might face. Yeah, all DUIs charges are serious but not all are the same. 

  1. A criminal offense becomes more serious when aggravating factors are present. Some factors can trigger harsher charges and penalties, such as having children in a car at the time of a DUI or causing a severe accident.
  2. Mitigating circumstances lower a crime's severity. Among these are not having prior offenses or just barely exceeding the 0.08 percent legal limit.

You may not have a criminal record or you might just barely exceed the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Defenses Are There For Each Charge

It is possible to reduce or drop DUI charges no matter what charge you face.

In the case of a DUI stop or arrest, you may be able to prove the police violated your rights. There are other options, including disputing the accuracy of the test or claiming a medical condition interfered with the results. You might also cast doubt on witness statements or testimony. You should keep in mind that it totally depends on yourself how you’ll defend yourself because an appropriate approach will help you out and will defend you. Always make a wise decision before taking any decision. 

In Fort Myers DUI charges are serious and a matter of concern but you can protect yourself from all of the harsh outcomes if you understand your rights and options.