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Mr Culhane is a terrific attorney he gives 100% of himself,he goes beyond his expectations to make everyone feel comfortable & confident that he will do everything possible to win when he is working on a case.He is an honest genuine human that gives his all.Anyone consulting an attorney in Florida Mr Tim Culhane is your best choice.I Highly Recommend this attorney. 

My family’s company originally hired Tim to do real-estate documents both for recording and for legal action . I also hired him personally to deal with living wills end litigation work from a car accident and he has been nothing but stellar . Prompt to return a phone call, follows through with everything and gets the results you want.

Mr. Culhane is an excellent personable attorney who takes pride in his professionalism but also maintains a much appreciated human element. Mr. Culhane did not treat me like a number or an addition to his pay check, during the time of loss I was treated with compassion. I utilized the professional services of Mr. Culhane on several occasions and every time I was afforded exemplary service. I would definitely recommend Mr. Culhane.