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We Put Our Customers First

Family Law

If you're involved in a legal dispute, you deserve a lawyer you can trust to zealously advocate for your rights in the courtroom.  

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Civil Litigation

The term “civil litigation” covers a huge variety of disputes among people. 

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Personal Injury

You Don’t Pay Unless We Win

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Landlord Tenant

Our landlord tenant lawyer very well is familiar with Florida's complicated and certain landlord-tenant legal guidelines. Call the office for a consultation.  

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Criminal Defense

The first issue in any criminal case is the legality of the original encounter between the accused and the police. We need to know as many details as possible about that encounter, as even minor details can make all the difference.  If the police did not have a 'reasonable and articulable' basis for your detention, all evidence seized must be suppressed, and the police will have no case. 

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Have you ever questioned what it might be like to “speak” from the grave and inform your family the way you would really like matters dealt with once you die?

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Probate is the system through which a will is legally proven and implemented. This is executed through a unique courtroom docket machine known as the probate courtroom docket. 

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